The Department of Journalism at City, University of London is working towards the formation of an African-Caribbean Journalism Network (CACJN). On Thursday at 5:30pm there will be an introductory event taking place via zoom, with the aim to build a support network of African and Caribbean student journalists across the BA and MA programme. This ‘Getting to know you’ event is being run by Coral James O’Connor (lecturer and trained journalist), Yuen Chan (senior lecturer) and Dr Lindsey Blumell (senior lecturer).

“…we hope it will serve as the first of many support and networking events. The university has never had a City African-Caribbean Journalism Network (CACJN) and we are hoping that out of this event, a network will be formed of past and present African-Caribbean students.” – Coral James O’Connor

For current African-Caribbean journalism students and alumni looking to attend, contact Coral or the Department of Journalism at City University via email for more information!