Meet the Contributors

Meet the talented individuals who are working with and have collaborated on projects for INTHEWRITERSMIND.


Paulie is a talented London-based visual storyteller. She grew up in Poland and lived in Chicago for several years. She is taking a lead role in editing videos for INTHEWRITERSMIND’s YouTube channel, as well as bringing her creativity and talent to the brand. She is looking forward to working with more musicians, she also plans to work on more music videos and continue building her portfolio to achieve her dream of becoming a DOP (Director of Photography).

Razeena Khan

Razeena has worked in TV for two years, mostly coming up with ideas for new shows. She loves chatting to game-changing individuals. In 2017, she interviewed Cynthia Nyongesa (aka The African Unicorn) for INTHEWRITERSMIND. In 2020, she played an important role in the production team for the brand’s first studio interview. She also developed and produced a YouTube series for Humza Arshad. You can find her shooting interviews and writing opinion pieces (she has a lot of those).

Rebecca W Morris

Rebecca is a copywriter, film editor and subtitler who also makes podcasts. She specialises in making content accessible and disability positive. She works with artists and creative people to animate and blow breath into words that bring their craft to life. Other projects include her role as a Content Manager for the Hideout Community – an online platform for introverts in the creative community. Rebecca also launched the newsletter ‘I Don’t Give A Spoon’, which is about challenging ableism online and in the creative industries. She is playing a crucial role in subtitling audio and video projects for INTHEWRITERSMIND.

Tyrone Magnusen

Tyrone is a Motion Designer with experience in video editing and filmmaking. He enjoys finding artistic ways to enhance storytelling and likes to push creativity using different mediums. He filmed and edited the first video premiere on INTHEWRITERSMIND. He also edited the first episode of The Producer Catalogue featuring Scott Xylo. In 2020, he played a crucial role as a camera operator and colour grader on the brand’s first studio interview. You can find Tyrone creating motion graphics for film, brand and experimental projects as well as roaming around nature with a camera in hand.

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