In 2019,  INTHEWRITERSMIND began filming a docu-series on dance in London. Due to unforeseen circumstances, this series had to be delayed. INTHEWRITERSMIND now releases the first episode of this series. 

This docu-series aims to explore the diversity of London’s dance culture, through the narratives of professional dancers in the city. In what hopes to be an educational experience, this series will provide an opportunity to study how traditional dance forms have evolved in different environments. Episode one focuses on Prabhleen Oberoi, a professional dancer who specialises in Commercial Bollywood dance. Prabhleen is the head choreographer at Sapnay School of Dance, a well-established Bollywood dance school founded by her mother Ash Oberoi.

Prabhleen’s talent and years of experience has led her to choreograph for the Jonas Brothers. With a bright future ahead, she sat down with INTHEWRITERSMIND to share her story and delve into the contemporary and classical forms of Bollywood dance.

Filmed by Daniella Ekundayo   

With assistance from Katherine Messies

Written, edited and produced by Daniella Ekundayo

Also available here on the IGTV channel.