When the challenge is to dance to a song you’ve never heard before, what would you do?

The first episode of Moving in the Moment is now on YouTube! This all-new series celebrating non-choreographed dance, challenges dancers to dance to songs they have never heard before. Get ready to revamp your Spotify and Soundcloud playlists with an array of underground music. In this episode, Adam Chikhalia rose to the challenge dancing to a Busta Rhymes remix by Jonah Christian. He shares his dance journey, mentors and the various inspirations behind his style. He also speaks about the fascination with freestyle dance and the eye for detail dancers have.

Background music: Jonah Christian – Pt Yr Hnds Whr My Eys Cld See (available on SoundCloud) Nameless – Get It 2getha / Eye-Yie (available on Spotify) Nameless – On Ice (available on Spotify)

Special thanks to Pirate Studios

Location: Pirate Studios

Written by Daniella Ekundayo

Filmed, edited and produced by Daniella Ekundayo