Dropping by with another episode of That New Sh*t focusing today on a new track by LeeLaa known formally as Leah Chuwen. Chop Wood is the very first song released by this 21-year-old vocalist who joins forces with rapper Snoopy for this soft acoustic-sounding medley produced by Abnormal Sleepz. LeeLaa makes a strong debut into the music scene, with a voice that already sounds established. Both LeeLaa and Snoopy (originally from Manchester) are currently studying in Leeds. They expect to return to Manchester in the summer, to continue to release music alongside the other gifted musicians that this city has to offer.

The city of Manchester continues to show its hand as a musical force to be reckoned with now and I’m sure for many years to come. Something is definitely in the water. Both LeeLaa and Snoopy are examples of home-grown talent, committed to hard work and dedication to their craft. LeeLaa’s talent is intrinsic, but her musical journey truly starts here – with Chop Wood. I’m intrigued to see her continue to nurture her vocals, define her brand and gradually shape her sound as time goes on. I thought I’d mix things up a bit this time, by doing something a little different to the usual format of this column.


LeeLaa now shares her state of mind while making Chop Wood and how she wants you to interpret her music:

“I realised that even if all of my dreams came true today, I’d still have to live tomorrow. I’ll always have to eat, clean, sleep, wake up and do the same sh*t the next day. Ironically, that’s the blessing of life right? When you finally submit yourself to being happy, by doing the lil’ things, the other better things get highlighted by all the shit around us that makes us stronger. 

Chop wood. Fetch water. 

How to reach enlightenment. What to do when you finally get there. Sit back and enjoy the journey. 

I’m a firm believer that in every person that listens there is originality. I rate the beauty of knowledge –  that you make of it what you will. In the same way, that’s the ideal for the music. So, the people who actually find and listen to my music can decide what my lyrics mean for them.”