Hey guys, what’s good? What’s poppin? Hope you are all having a great Sunday. So, I’m just dropping by quickly to announce some changes I’ve made to the website. Two things. Firstly, the INTERVIEWS category will no longer be under MUSIC. It’s not going anywhere; I’ve just decided to make it an individual section on the menu. This is mainly because I’m working towards implementing the style of interviewing I have wanted to for a long time. This involves more varied interviews, more controversial topics and more conversations…etc I want this section to fully accommodate that, as it won’t be fully centred on music. Secondly, I have introduced a new category on the site that will allow me to update the site more regularly. That is if I’m waiting on interview responses, or simply if life gets a bit hectic I’m unable to put an interview out that week. BE IN THE KNOW is designed to provide updates about events, music concerts, launches, recruitment days and media-related jobs that I come across. I get invited to a lot of events and would like to share them here. So, here goes. Feel free to hit the comment section if you hear of any cool stuff and I’ll get posting!

The aim is for INTHEWRITERSMIND to be a lot more interview-focused and I hope to create a forum which challenges individuals to speak freely about topics that they wouldn’t usually have the confidence or means to speak about. Just to reiterate, rather than write a simple article, I’ve decided to focus more on interviews with individuals of relevance to a topic (or even if they’re not) simply just challenging them to think outside the box a bit. So, yes! Diverse opinions – check. Varied conversations – check. Variety – check. This may take some getting used to which I understand, so let’s see how it goes shall we!