The Producer Catalogue is a series I’ve been wanting to start for quite some time now. Whenever I listen to music, I’ve always been more intrigued by instrumentals. In many cases, that’s what grips me the most. In my younger days, I used to study the discography of various well-known and underrated producers.

I’d sit for hours with instrumentals on loop, hoping there would come a day that I could share my findings to the world in a way that’s quintessentially me. This is where The Producer Catalogue comes in. It’s a series that enables me to share those long-time inspirations and some newer ones. The first special episode featuring Leicester producer Scott Xylo will include a written interview and a video interview following next month.

However, the usual format for this series will be video interviews. We live in a visual age. Video interviews are simply more engaging to the average listener. I want to capitalise on this, with videos that explore new perspectives and new insights. So, stay tuned for some cool stuff and drop a comment if there’s anyone you would like to see on the series. Each video interview will be available via YouTube