Cherri V, the stunning voice on ‘Party Harder’

Baby Love, musical pressures, confidence, new music and more…

Let’s get straight in shall we. Baby Love has such a beautiful club-like melody. Your strong ballads also bring a soft and unique touch. How did the opportunity to collaborate with Donae’O on this come about?

Thank you so much! We’ve always been cool, but we’ve never worked on anything together. I happened to be meeting a friend, who was hanging at the studio and he invited me in. We literally just jammed and freestyled – Baby Luv was born! Donae’O is a ‘whizzz’ producer, he works solely with great vibes and that is apparent in his music!

 How would you describe the song and what do you want the audience to take away from it? 

Baby Luv is a semi-breakup song, but that’s down to interpretation. The lyrics say “Baby Luv, I ain’t coming home tonight, till I know you’ve seen the daylight”. This is a flipped narrative we are often fed about men not coming home at night. I imagined the uproar if a woman said that and took it from there.

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Baby Love definitely brought back the butterfly feeling I get, whenever I hear vocalists like Brandy or Jasmine Sullivan on a track. Who would you say your musical inspirations are and why?

Awww thank you! That means so much to me, because one of the names you mentioned is a HUGE inspiration to me! I’ve always been in LOVE with the sounds of Brandy and Faith Evans. They embody R&B and the definition of a winning tone. I grew up listening to both and they still reign very high in the rank for me.

 Where did you grow up and how much of an impact did that have on your sound?

I grew up in sahhffffff London!  I think attending church from a very young age, has had an influence on me. Although, I don’t believe my vocals are a gospel style, yet R&B stems from gospel, so it all pretty much comes from the same place. I’m so glad I was encouraged to sing in the choir, as it helped me to overcome my shyness. I was a NIGHTMARE. My great gran would force me to sing and tell me that I could. Who knows where she got that from? LOL

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 I definitely agree about the gospel touch and can hear that through your songs. Although, you still manage to keep it one hundred percent R&B! What do you want people to understand about you as an artist and the direction your music will take this year?

I’d like to hold the flag as a respected UK R&B artist. I know I’m not the only one, but believe I can be an addition to the movement. I’m aiming to be a lot more consistent this year and deliver more quality music.

 You’ve spoken in interviews about having a musical family. Was there any pressure associated with this or was music something you always wanted to do?

I was fortunate enough to have the encouragement and knowledge of their experience in the industry. You can’t buy that. Though, I think most of the pressure comes from me. I guess I put pressure on myself, as I’d like my family to be proud of me as a vocalist/artist. Growing up was insightful. I think it’s interesting that there are so many different voices in my family. Performing arts was ALWAYS on my agenda. I guess being given the permission to dream and explore from a young age helped that…

 How did it all begin for you and would you consider yourself more a singer than a songwriter? Or do you believe both are intertwined?

Both are definitely intertwined! I’m so happy I have a FREE source of therapy. Telling my story and being a general story-teller is important to me. Authenticity is key. People always feel the real stories, thoughts and feelings.

Taken by @illustriousmusic

 It’s easy to feel under-appreciated and become obsessed with wanting to be famous or adored by many. Stepping into 2018 with positivity: what advice can you give to creatives to help them overcome this?

I think it’s easy to feel under-appreciated when you lose sight of your personal goals. Success looks different to everyone. I think you have to cater to your own interpretation of that. I’ve never been obsessed with wanting to ‘be famous’. Social media can stir up certain appetites that never existed before. So we have to remind ourselves not to compare our reality to everyone’s highlights.

 Couldn’t have said it better myself! Finally I just wanted to end by saying I absolutely love your sound! Can we expect a tour this year or any more collaborations with musicians (in the U.K. and abroad)?

You can expect much more live gigs this year and collaborations! I’m really excited!





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