Benny Mails – Aware, The Mixtape

Contemporary dancer and emcee from South London Benny Mails makes us aware of his greatness in his newest mixtape.

 Mails relays his Mantra in the second track baring his soul through lyricism “this is the sound of a heartbroken rapper” he repeats. He speaks extensively about his anxiety, wearing it on his chest as armour so others can do the same. As he takes those deep breaths throughout the track, I was stunned by his ability to bare it all so confidently. Then follows the 50-second-track stix. “This is the views from the stix” he begins, releasing that chill flow on a beat reminscient of old school hip-hop. Then comes Senses (feat. Art Daley) which is exactly what you need “if you’re in need of some release from that tension in your sleep”. Mails speaks candidly of the day-to-day struggles of overcoming panic, addiction, anxiety and hate, longing for us to return to greatness. Then comes Aware featuring trance-like vocals from Marika Hackman which are set to take you on a trip. He marks his territory in the rap game throughout, letting us know that he is set to rise. Other tracks include Religious FreestyleCharming (feat. DaeStreet) and passion, the track that most stood out to me for its hardcore hip-hop beat. Passion allows Mails to demonstrate that it is as much about rhythm as it is about lyricism.

We see in this song and throughout the mixtape, just how much of a role his past as a dancer and the musical influence of his parents, has to play in his ear for music. The mixtape ends with the Ragz Originale produced track Stop. #Paceworld. After listening to Benny Mails spit in this eight-track mixtape, it is clear that he is here to stay.