Is Gibson Hazard from another planet?

 Gibson Hazard is in a league of his own.

Gibson has created his own lane through his unique, unmistakable and unmatched tour videos. This raw talent is something that I haven’t seen in the industry for a long time, something that needs to be ‘protected at all costs’. Despite having started editing just over a year ago, he has successfully gained recognition from some of the most sought-after rappers of this time. Gibson has toured with the likes of Future, 6lack, Super Duper Kyle including many more. Yet, I still don’t feel he gets the props he deserves. To me, what Gibson demonstrates through this videos is something we can all relate to. That is – the reality that life comes at you fast. This is something that pretty much reflects his own life as seen here:

Though it cannot be denied that his videos take us on a trip, it is the unpredictable nature of life that I think Gibson best captures through his edits. Whilst watching his videos, I couldn’t help but think about how quickly life catapults us from one situation to the next. ‘The rise to super stardom’, the unanticipated admiration of thousands or millions of people, who all admire your talent and aspire to be you in some way – all captured by Gibson. Such sensational and personal moments which he manages to combine into clips that span from one to two minutes or less.

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In the same way that one’s life can transform in the blink of an eye, so does Gibson’s videos. You literally have to watch it all to ensure that you don’t miss the little nooks and crannies that contribute to making the video as a whole, as spectacular as it is. Then after comes the “what the actual f*ck”, “how does he do that?” questions that are bound to follow after having fully digested it.

His videos contain those intricate details, moments where he has surfed through crowds of people – slowly panning through the exhilaration and roller-coaster of emotions. It’s safe to say after watching one of Gibson’s clips anyone would want to attend said rapper’s concerts, with the hope of also getting to experience the time of their life. It can also be looked at and remembered by many and the rapper’s themselves as their ‘moment of glory’. So, in those matter of seconds/minutes these clips become timeless pieces of work and have a much bigger role in remembering the life and times of the rapper in their prime. That to me is what makes Gibson’s work so special. His way of story-telling by compiling images and videos together to capture the unpredictable nature of life is truly remarkable. It’s only upwards from here for this 21-year-old visual artist.

The man himself. Image taken by @dannynotanner