So, I was browsing through Twitter as you do. I happened to stumble across a tweet that read “This man asked me on a date and I said maybe, he responded with “I can’t plan my weekend around a maybe, so yes or no?”. Underneath it accompanied a carefully thought out GIF of Teyana Taylor, which I believe perfectly fit the tweet. Let’s just say it was a pretty funny anecdote and several other people thought so too. It has done quite well in the Twitter-verse and as of now has amassed a total of 23.4k retweets, which I’m sure has risen since I last saw it. I scrolled through the comments section looking for even funnier statements regarding the tweet and that’s when I stumbled across this video…

The video of this kid dancing is one that never gets old and always manages to resurface on social media. Looking to pass some time, I clicked on the video and I was really impressed by the quality of the song. Not just the song, but also how he marketed himself. I didn’t even realise it was his song at first – ‘peep something exclusive while you stroll’…very subtle, very smooth. I like the way he cleverly added his own track to a popular viral clip, so even if people do watch the clip with the intention of watching that funny video again, they get the awesome addition of some great music. Then this encourages them to go and look into the artist of their own accord and hopefully support the artist’s music. I think we can all agree that it fits! The song and the boy move almost simultaneously, you would think that was the original track. Well played. Continuing to read through the comments, the Memphis musician who goes by the name of Clubhousx then revealed to everyone that it is in fact his own song and he will be releasing a full project on his SoundCloud the next day. “That’s me man, that project releases tomorrow”, he said. What followed were a number of replies like, “Ayy this song goes in man”, “bruh, this is the first dope song I’ve actually heard under a tweet, keep it up G”, “I need this sh*t on my playlist like yesterday”. Another tweeted, “was about to start talking sh*t then I was like” with a GIF of Jay Z head boppin’ which followed immediately after.

jay head bop 2

The song that’s got everyone talking is called humble.

 Clubhousx spits over a track that fuses a variation of light-hearted, mellow melodies bringing something together that can be appreciated for both its dance-able quality and his ill-rhymes, which remain evident throughout. After listening to his project Yellow is the color of sun rays, a couple of other songs stood out to me which also mustn’t go unnoticed.


Yo, gold. is actually very unique, almost extra-terrestrial, it’s got an eerie quality about it that I really like. It’s very interesting to see a rapper manipulate such an instrumental and make it definitively his own. When Clubhousx spits you can almost hear that new-age-Andre-3000-ness as the song begins to increase in momentum.

the junt. (Sche Eastwood)

the junt. (Sche Eastwood) is undoubtedly a great rap track and when the base in that instrumental hits…it becomes head bop season for real!

He recently retweeted a tweet that read, “my goal is to have the WHOLE city of Memphis behind me”. There’s no reason why this can’t happen with the amount of talent that Clubhousx demonstrates in Yellow is the color of sun rays. He seems to be working on his craft. Clubhousx’s catchy lyrical ability thrives in these carefully picked slow melodies. Whilst humble. is quite fast-paced, it would be interesting to see him rap his way around a slightly more up tempo beat.

Support the artist. Support Clubhousx.