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An interview with the songstress

What I admire most about Sipprell is the strength in her voice which speaks volumes, the message in her lyrics which tells a relatable story and the versatility in her style. I first fell in love with her song Trust Issues, where she brings to light the issue of trust within a relationship. “Gave up on the myth of love, but I hope that you prove me wrong”, Sipprell sings with a soulful and calm demeanour. “I want to believe you so much, I’d be lying if I say I didn’t need you”, Sipprell goes onto sing, causing us to reminisce a time when we may have struggled with letting someone we love go after facing disappointment. The song evokes a great deal of emotion with the dream-like backing vocals which beautifully accompany the soft melody. I then became smitten with Essence. The song which I believe has a club-like feel, allows the singer to demonstrate the versatility of her voice on a slightly faster tempo. Let’s just say Sipprell’s delicate vocals and meaningful lyrics has the power to get you in your feelings.

Who is Sipprell? Tell the readers a bit about yourself in a couple of sentences.
I’m a singer-songwriter from South London. Music helps me through this crazy life…

I like that. How would you define your sound?

It lies somewhere between electronic RnB and acoustic soul, but I don’t like to box myself in. I’m always experimenting with new sounds.

I get that. Who would you like to collab with that you haven’t already and which artists do you look up to?

Collab wise…Sampha, Denai Moore (I love her new album), Rukhsana Merise, Noname, Kelela and Flying lotus. My inspirations are endless. James Blake, Anderson Paak…artists who aren’t afraid to be different and have influenced and opened up the music scene. I love Solange. A Seat at the Table is one of my most played albums. Also, Lianne la Havas because she has one of the best live vocals I’ve ever heard.

I gotta agree with you about Lianne La Havas on that one. Her range is crazy! Yes, it’s great to see Solange finally getting her props. Nice to see FlyLo in the mix there too, he produces the wildest beats. Have you always wanted to pursue a career in music?

Yea, definitely. My mum was a singer and I grew up in a musical family, so I started very young. I’ve never wanted to do anything else.

That’s inspiring. What experiences have you had along the way that could encourage young artists who are struggling to breakout into the industry?

Some of my experiences have been pretty dark, but I’m more resilient because of them and they’ve inspired a lot of my writing. Expressing what’s real to you is what connects with people and that’s something you can’t fake. If you love what you’re doing, stay honest with yourself and remember to enjoy the journey, you’ll be fine. Try not to get obsessed with how much time you think you have. You can’t rush art.

Image taken by Filmawi @filmawi

That’s real, I definitely agree with that. I actually watched you perform at the Roundhouse back in February. I really like how manipulate your voice and reach such high ranges. Your music resonates. Staying on the topic of the youth…what message do you want the youth to take from your music?

Thank you! My music seems to resonate mostly with young women. I think we all go through similar struggles. I want people who listen to my music to know that it’s alright to make mistakes. It’s normal to have issues with yourself and in relationships. In the end, it all helps you grow and one day things will get better.

 It’s definitely nice to hear that once in a while. It does get better! Can you tell us a little a bit about your EP Letter D. What was the inspiration behind the song Essence?

Letter D was the first project I put out. Within the 4 tracks, you get to see very different sides of me. I wrote all the songs about people beginning with the Letter D. I remember the first time I announced the title at a gig, everyone laughed! I didn’t get the joke…

Essence is about trying to find yourself again, after you’ve been through something life-altering. For me personally it was about a really unhealthy relationship I had. I felt like it had changed me as a person and I wanted to feel like how I did beforehand. That’s why I say in the lyrics, “bring back the essence of me”.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
To still be doing what I love, to be touring and sharing my music with people all over the world.

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Main image taken by Filmawi @filmawi
Written on: Saturday 29th July 2017