Why SiR is the artist you need on all your playlists

So, I asked my brother (an avid fan of TDE) the other day who SiR is and he looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language. “Sir?” he repeated. I responded saying “yeah SiR, the Inglewood artist from TDE”. He continued to look at me puzzled. I then said “you know what…just listen to this song”. I played him the very first song I heard that literally made me fall in love with the artist. Queen.

Hopefully when you listen to this song you’ll understand why I became smitten with his vocals. You know, we’re always so quick to hail Kendrick when it comes to anything concerning TDE. Yet, very few people are even aware that the Inglewood native is signed to the label. His vocals alongside artists like Tiffany Gouche and BJ the Chicago Kid are part of what I would describe as a ‘new r&b collective’.

I wanted to get more of a feel of his style, to see whether there were any other songs I’d like so delved deeper and deeper into YouTube. I came across Ooh Nah Nah featuring another one of my favourite artists Masego.

I loved SiR’s smooth vocals here which reminded a lot of Queen. Equally Masego who I like to call the ‘Trap House Jazz connoisseur’ uplifts the song putting a nice spin on the ending. I kept looking. I wanted to see if I could find any up tempo songs that I would like, so I then ventured onto SoundCloud where I found LONG LIVE DILLA. A mixtape he published on SoundCloud three years ago. I surveyed the tracklist and spotted a few classic Dilla songs Hoes, Won’t Do and Shake it Down. With me loving Dilla’s music as much as I do, I knew I was gonna love this mixtape. I listened through from GOOD TIME to Happy and lets just say I was not disappointed. I particularly loved his rendition of Won’t Do, as many Dilla fans know that is where revealed that he was suffering from lupus.

Oh I forgot to mention I did actually hear his vocals before I stumbled upon Queen in a song featuring Anderson Paak called Liberation. At the time, I didn’t even realise it was him I just really liked the song. I was having my Anderson Paak craze then, haha, I wasn’t here for anyone else. Anyway, this marks the end of this post, but his musical journey continues. I do advise following him on social media as you will certainly be hearing more from him!

Written on: Friday 16th June 2017