What I think about Young Thug’s Beautiful Thugger Girls…

Thugger’s anticipated album is finally here, so let’s talk about it. It is the album that has managed to piss off CoverGirl due to it’s association with their infamous slogan “Easy Breezy Beautiful“. CoverGirl who recently released a statement, claimed that the ‘album is not aligned’ with their ‘values’ so Thugger is facing scrutiny for it. To be honest, I doubt he’s that rattled. I’m sure people aren’t thinking that this album is hinting that he’s about to become the new face of CoverGirl or something haha. I doubt it’s a subliminal message guys…we can all relax now. Anyway, no-one can deny that his work rate is crazy. It seems like every time I check YouTube or SoundCloud the artist has either released a new song or is featuring on a new track. Honestly, I can’t quite get enough of Get High. So, let’s start here first.

To be honest, I wanna sit here and type the ‘instrumental is hard or the melody has a vibe about it’ but that would be an injustice to all the other components that make the song (and the album) as dope as it is. Sometimes we get so fixated on a dope instrumental that we forget the track actually has words in it. Don’t worry if this is you, because it has been me too on numerous occasions. So, yes the instrumental is hard as hell, but Thugger’s playful and catchy bars with the addition of Uncle Snoop, are as instrumental as the instrumental, in making the song the hardest track on the album. Hol’d up did you notice that pun though. Personally I think this is the hardest track on the album, but I do think You said is a close second.

I’m not gonna lie his lyrics are quite explicit, but then again most rap songs are so we either gotta bleep it out or just get used to it. You said is a bit of an oxymoron, it starts with an instrumental that sounds almost like a harp or acoustic guitar is being used. The beat is soft and controlled to compliment the blissful sound, but then Young Thug comes in with…let’s just say he doesn’t keep it completely PG. It’s a bit of a juxtaposition but I still like the track, it grows on you. To be honest, I feel like he wanted to showcase his versatility in this album. Me and Us has a bit of a country sound to it, I don’t know if you can hear it – I guess we can call it country-hop. No, I think I’m reaching with that, but it definitely doesn’t sound like a typical hip-hop track…takes some getting used to. Reminds me of Tunechi… that’s Lil Wayne for those who aren’t OG fans, but yeah it reminds me of Wayne’s song Prom Queen. The instrumentals are completely different but both sound as though they’re channelling aspects of another genre. Likewise, Do U Love Me seems to play on the admiration for Bashment (dancehall) and Afrobeats that I do believe Drake was responsible for to some extent. I’m not saying that he made the two genres famous as they were already popular in their own right. He simply put artists on to help these genres properly integrate into western culture.

Written on: Thursday 22nd June 2017