Dear Mobb Deep,

 A tribute to a Hip-Hop legend

Let me start by thanking you for Shook Ones…

The icey track, with the hardcore beat and the coldest lyrics “I’m only 19, but my mind is old/But when the things get for real, my warm heart turns cold”. Every time, I hear this track it makes me want to spit the coldest freestyle, for anyone whose willing to listen to me ramble. This is the go-to track for cyphers.  This that track that makes you want to bench-press 100Kg dumbbells with ease. The ultimate rap song. Everybody’s favourite.

Thank you for Outta Control…

“You, know, I, got, what it takes to make the club go outta control/Quit playin turn the music up a little bit/Bounce with me now shorty let’s get into it”. Man, this really is a timeless track. What I love most about this song, aside from the dope bars is the instrumental. It sounds as though a violin is being used, I can’t say for sure but it certainly takes me back to the days I used to play the violin regularly. Thank you for that. Giving us music that has us reminiscing or thinking ahead. Music that has us nodding our head.

Thank you for Got It Twisted…

The dance-able track that really had us twisted. This song used to make me feel so cool. It gave me a sense of confidence. When I was younger and ‘crip walking’ was still a thing, I used to ‘crip walk’ to this track. Don’t ask me why I did it. It was the track where everyone showed off their cool moves, so obviously I had to cut a rug.

Finally, thank you for some of the life lessons you taught us in Survival of the Fittest

You teach us that life is about ‘survival’. That the goal therefore, is to remain strong, to fight for ourselves, be it a black man/woman fighting for justice, a teen fighting to be heard by the government or a woman fighting to be recognised in a male dominated world. This message is somewhat empowering.

Written on: Thursday 22nd June 2017