Freelance Hire

INTHEWRITERSMIND now includes freelance hire

After redesigning this website, I was frequently asked about the secrets to making a website look more interactive, engaging and vibrant. As well as, questions regarding the external software’s I use for promotional campaigns, videos, images, graphics and text. Extending the brand to include this is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. As I have acquired so many new technical and multimedia skills from my masters degree and get to showcase them here on this website. I’m keen to use these talents to help other people too! Providing a freelance hire service helps me to do just that. Expanding to include freelance hire, is something I believe will help to build the brand and foster long-term industry relationships too. Make a request or an inquiry about pricing and rates by filling in the form below.

Freelance services include:

Web Design


Video Editing




Juliana Ruhfus – Investigative Journalist, Filmmaker