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WayV Walks – Elusive

He goes by the name of WayV Walks. Saxophonist. “Full-time Viber. Part-time Soundscaper” as his Twtter bio reads. To mark the new start to the year, he abandons his saxophone for the time being and drops an unexpected track of “pure synths” called Elusive

It begins slowly and in those couple of seconds before everything comes together, he really has you wondering which direction the track is going to develop in. The beginning has a church-like feel to it, with sounds that resemble the echoes of a pipe organ. As you continue to listen, you can hear it develop into a nice groovy blend of soft, yet distorted-psychedelic sounds. It almost sounds like what a hallucination must feel like. The part of the track I most enjoy is the moments between 2:33 – 2:59 secs and then 3:24 – 4:15 secs come in at a very close second.

I’m sure once you’ve listened to it, you’ll understand why these sections in particular stand out so much. I’m sure this is just a fraction of what he can do. This track really sees WayV Walks come into his own. It’s almost like a teaser into what we can expect from him this year.    

Listen here:

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